Importance of Commute Proximity When Apartment Hunting

When you are apartment hunting, commute proximity is essential to consider. See how close Carbon 550 is to your workplace, university, and attractive city spots!


Amid the many challenges of this year, we’ve all gotten much more used to sticking close to home—for socializing, studying, and work—which is among the many reasons why, as life slowly gets back to normal, it will be important to cut down on commuting times. Once most employees do get back to the office full-time, they likely will be missing the days of working at home with convenient amenities that are shown in our photo gallery. But this transition is something that our Carbon 550 apartment rentals in Des Moines, IA can help ease.


Nearby Employers

Our community is located right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of downtown Des Moines, putting the region’s leading employers right at the fingertips of residents. Within just minutes, employees across a range of industries can get from home to work at organizations like UPS, Mercer Health & Benefits, John Deere, and Wells Fargo.


Nearby Universities

Additionally, the city is home to a number of large universities—Des Moines University, Drake University, Grand View University, and Mercy College of Health Sciences among them—that both educate and employ thousands across the area. With apartment rentals in Des Moines, IA like Carbon 550, university community members can forgo commuting time and instead invest more energy into their studies, work, or even relaxing at home.


Benefits of Close Commutes

Lengthy commutes to both work and school can significantly impact your quality of life—even more so for those who have gotten accustomed to telecommuting recently. Sitting in traffic and searching for parking can add a substantial amount of aggravation to one’s morning, getting your day off on the wrong foot and bringing down your mood, and potentially your productivity, throughout the day. Socializing can also be a big concern, as employees and students who would like to mix and mingle at happy hour or other after-work entertainment options often have to cut out early to hit the road. That’s not to mention, the cost: Between gas, parking, tolls, and more, commuters have a lot less spare change in their pockets than those who live right near work or school.


At Carbon 550’s apartment rentals in Des Moines, IA, these concerns are a thing of the past for those who work and study throughout the region. By foot, bicycle or car, residents can easily get to all of the leading employers and universities in just minutes. Additionally, our underground parking spaces for residents are sure to bring added convenience. With that added time in their day, they have more opportunity to enjoy all of the excitement of the neighborhood—like the neighborhood’s diverse culinary offerings, the riverside entertainment and the nearby Wellmark YMCA—or lap up the luxury right at home. Contact us today to schedule a personalized tour of our apartment rentals in Des Moines.

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